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In Wood Technology, the students are enriched by their deep conceptual understanding of how to work safely and efficiently in various aspects of the Wood Technology practical workroom. Their unit of Inquiry “Designers need to apply knowledge about safety and safe use of equipment to create new woodworking products to a quality finish “is predominantly based on technical skills and long term project outcomes, focusing on the needs of designing for a client. This allows students to develop their own design brief, and to design, create and evaluate their own woodworking products based on the constraints and considerations identified in the design brief. Student learning is centered around the Middle Years Programme (MYP) Design Cycle and the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) Product Design Cycle, where students gain an authentic education of how designers work from conception to creation and evaluation of an idea. Time management is at the forefront of their work. Students extend their ability to recognise their strengths and future goals.