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“The ultimate aim is to develop personal qualities and attitudes that will enable students to face the challenges of the future.” -

Middle School Assistant Principals 

Our middle school focuses on creating knowledgeable, curious, open-minded and empathetic young people. We have a very rich learning program which supports students' varied interests where they are encouraged to explore a range of opportunities to foster a love of learning. Our opportunities are endless however, some include F1, House Rec, Performing Arts, a dynamic elective program, many sporting opportunities and of course engaging units of inquiry that are always challenging, relevant, engaging and significant. Our middle years students are immersed into an environment which values their diverse attributes and fosters student voice, agency and leadership. The curriculum and programs offered at Alamanda College will continue to support our students to become lifelong learners and thrive in the world in which they live.

Being part of the Alamanda College Middle School provides us an opportunity to engage in a variety of experiences within and beyond the classroom to help shape our future. 

A large part of our Middle School is our state of the art facilities and resources that support our Elective Program. Through this program, we are provided with 'real-world' experiences giving us insight to different job opportunities and industries.

Growing together as a community is more than just us, as students. Our community involves working with our educators who show a genuine interest to who we are as learners and people. The diversity that makes up our College, inspires us to collaborate and work together in authentic ways that help us become better people.

To be an Alamanda student means daring show up to challenges and to take risks in all of our learning giving us the freedom to pursue our ambitions. 

Alamanda College Year 9 School Captain 2023