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Prep Mini School



 ‘’When young children are supported to be relaxed and involved, they express wonder and interest in their environment. As they grow, so does their sense of inquiry and thirst for knowledge.’  - Victorian Early Years Framework 

Our Prep Learning Community is affectionately called “The Burrow,” named after our motto Dare to be Wise, and emblem “The Learned Owl”. We welcome our families to The Burrow – challenging, engaging and intentional instruction. At Alamanda, your child will be challenged with rich opportunities to learn, to shine, to serve, to be part of a vibrant and caring community, to explore, challenge, and to be the best they can be. The “Burrow” program introduces your child to the PYP Program embracing the learner profile as key characteristics of highly effective learners. Our youngest students will be taught across a range of subject areas providing them with a rich and diverse early learning experience. In the Burrow, the children will begin to understand the Inquiry Program and will work with mathematical concepts and language concepts— to read and write, and spell. We aim to build a love for the world around us in which we live, and explore our connections to the Animal Kingdom and the exploration of what it means to be a truly educated person.