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College Principal

Lynette Jobson



Lynette Jobson (Lyn) is the foundation Principal at Alamanda College P-9 and was also the foundation Principal at Seabrook Primary School, spanning a period in the Principal ship of 20 years.

Lyn has also supported Principals and Teachers in the Western Region as a Regional Network Leader 2008-2013. In 2007 Lyn and her team received the Outstanding Leadership Award for Victoria; Lyn also secured AEU Curriculum development grants for contemporary awards Curriculum programs.

Lyn has a passion for improving Student and educator’s learning opportunities, and holds two Graduate Diplomas in Curriculum Development Design and Evaluations, Post Graduate in Education Administration, Post Graduate Special Education and Certificates from Harvard World Wide (online) Data, Reading and Recovery Certificate, International Baccalaureate -International Studies, PYP.

Acting Principals 

Felicity Mayes


I feel very honoured and humbled to be appointed one of the College’s Acting Principal’s for 2023, whilst our beloved Lyn Jobson takes leave.   Alamanda College, a school and community now a decade old, held in very high regard holds a special place in my heart. I have been fortunate to be a part of the College’s growth over the past 9 years and have watched students learn how to learn, to flourish, be innovative and grow. As a great strength of our College is the closeness of the community, the commitment of families, and the confidence, enthusiasm, and vitality of our students.  

Our challenge is to ensure all our learning environments, both indoors and outdoors, at school, at home and in the workplace, continue to be places where students are encouraged to develop and grow so that they are appropriately prepared to make a significant contribution towards a more sustainable and humane world.  We aim to do this as one College, a Primary and a Middle school connected with a clearly defined vision guiding innovations and developments as our student's journey through their College. Brain research has shown remarkable links between active, experiential, inquiry-based learning, and gratitude in learning capacity. This “learning outside the classroom” is not just a break before we get back to the core subjects. It’s the real thing. Albeit intertwined in subjects themselves or through experiential co-curricular activities likes camps, sports, debating and community service. Simply feeding knowledge is not nearly enough. I am excited to continue to build our history, our alumni, and co-lead the College through its review stages this year. To map out the richness and diversity of the learning experiences for the College moving towards 2027. I warmly invite you to come and visit Stacey and myself and I look forward to working with you all this year.

Dare to be curious … 
Dare to shine … 
And of course  
Dare to be Wise … 


Stacey Richards


It is a privilege to be appointed, alongside my colleague, Felicity Mayes as one of our College’s Acting Principals for 2023. As Lyn embarks on a new journey, it has been an honour to work with her both here at Alamanda College and at Seabrook Primary School, where I started my teaching career. As an educator Lyn mentored and supported me throughout my career, to think beyond the norm, to create and reach for endless possibilities and to honour our moral purpose in ensuring we are future makers for all students. And it is this vision that we see today in our college and our core work. A college where students have voice, choice, and ownership of their learning and where individuals are celebrated and acknowledged. It is a place where our students can thrive, have new experiences, and discover their passions.  

At Alamanda College, our community is enriched through the support and trust we have built with our families and our students. Our community is built on a foundation of trust, integrity, and high expectations for all stakeholders. As we commence the 2023 school year, it is our collective responsibility to ensure this narrative continues for our college, so that our learning environments, both inside and outside, develop young people with active minds and ethical spirits who will be able to enhance our school community and the world in which they belong.  We aim to ensure we remain one college, a Primary and Middle school connected through our vision and mission; one where students inspire, shine, and create.   Looking forward, I am excited to continue to build our identity as a college and co-lead and collaborate with all members through its review stages this year. This time to reflect, celebrate our achievements and set new goals promises to ensure our college continues to create rich and engaging learning experiences for all students.   Myself and Felicity look forward to meeting more of our families throughout this year and fostering this partnership with all our families and community members.  

Dare to be wise.