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Our Vision 

Alamanda College aspires to create a challenging learning environment that develops young people with active minds and ethical spirits who will be able to contribute wisdom, compassion, empathy, integrity and leadership in the global society of which they will all be members.


Our Mission

Alamanda College has high expectations of all students and we encourage them to strive to achieve their greatest potential to make a positive contribution to a diverse and ever changing local and global society. We will aspire to be a school renowned as a vibrant community that lives the school’s motto of ‘Dare to be wise’, in all our thoughts and actions.


In embracing the College motto, we will develop creativity and innovation and encourage students to test the limits of their intellectual and physical capabilities whilst displaying their moral convictions through their actions.


We seek to provide a challenging education in a safe, supportive environment. We will strive to build positive relationships within a learning, caring and inclusive school community in order to achieve the best possible educational experience for each student.


Students and staff are expected to engage in the total life of the College and to actively pursue a range of learning opportunities. The ultimate aim is to develop personal qualities and attitudes that will enable students to face the challenges of the future with confidence.


Our Motto


'Thinking,' the foundation of all learning  

Rapidly changing circumstances and opportunities demand the continuing acquisition  of new knowledge, skills  and understandings. 

Alamanda College understands the importance of encouraging and sustaining students’ effective engagement with learning, well after the students have left school. 


In order to participate effectively in the ‘information societies’ of the new millennium, we recognise that an individual needs to be better-informed, to have greater thinking and problem-solving abilities, to be more self-motivated, than ever before.


As a “thinking school”, our teaching and learning program will involve all students from Prep to Year 9, and introduces tools such as de Bono’s Thinking Hats, Mind Mapping, DATT Tools, Socratic questioning methods and a variety of cognitive thinking processes and strategies that equip our students with the skills to navigate through an information rich future.


The College teachers and students will integrate digital pedagogies throughout the curriculum. Digital pedagogies are new ways of working with learning and ICT to facilitate quality learning experiences for this generation of students. They support personalised and authentic learning and promote the ability to learn and understand within a global context and enable learning experiences to be broadened and depended.


Alamanda College will be structured into five sub-schools:

• Prep - The Burrow

• Years 1 & 2 - The Resort

• Years 3 & 4 - The Reef

• Years 5 & 6 - The Island
• Years 7, 8 & 9


Each school will have an Assistant Principal, Leading Teacher and Head of School to ensure that the school has a focus on each and every learner. The priority of the school will be the students.




A fly-through of the Alamanda 

Secondary School building
fly through



Alamanda Book Day
DSC 0685 


A Warm Welcome to Alamanda College


The College commenced in February 2013, housed in portable classrooms. Our permanent building was completed in October 2013 and we commenced full usage of the new building in the 2014 School year.

Alamanda has been established in mini school precincts with Assistant Principals in charge, and separate year level co-ordinators at each level P-9.

The Preparatory mini school operates more like a “small learning community” informally called "The Burrow" stemming from the schools motto. As the children progress through the school, the organisation becomes more formal. We aspire to be a school renowned as a vibrant community that lives by the school’s motto of ‘Dare to be Wise’ in all our thoughts and actions.

Our ultimate aim is to develop with each student, personal qualities and attitudes that will enable students to face the challenges of their future with confidence. Alamanda College is now formally part of the International Baccalaureate Organisation of Schools (PYP – Primary Years Programme).

In 2014 we embarked the development of a rigourous curriculum for our Middle Years Programme. Our College staff and students look forward to the next phase of our College’s journey.

The Secondary College aspiring building will be completed in 2016 and will house our specialist facilities including gymnasium and a fully-equipped theatre — the journey continues.

‘Dare to be Wise’ 

Inspire Shine Create


Lyn Jobson


Alamanda College